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Executive | High Impact Coaching

Coaching for Results

"One to one performance coaching is the way for both organisations and individuals to significantly impact the bottom line."  Source: Fortune Magazine

Why winners have coaches

More and more leaders and leading businesses rely on external coaching to enhance performance and support the achievement of objectives. Research conducted by respected bodies such as The Institute of Learning & Management has shown tangible benefits experienced by those who embrace the coaching process. These include:

  • unlocking untapped potential
  • increased self-confidence & self-esteem
  • improved self-awareness & understanding of others
  • improved communication & influencing skills
  • increased clarity and focus
  • achievement of individual and corporate goals
  • more cohesive teams
  • improved levels of performance & productivity
  • improved financial results / bottom line profitability
  • positive and sustainable change
  • clear sense of purpose and direction.

What you can expect from our coaching programmes

Whether you're an employer looking for high impact coaching for your leadership team and top performers or an individual looking to further your career and enhance your leadership capability, our coaching programmes have been designed with you in mind. Structured, with built-in flexibility to support individual needs, the coaching is underpinned by our business expertise and accredited coaching capability.

What's included 

  • An initial 'chemistry' meeting to make sure the fit is right.
  • Baseline measurement via a 360 degree feedback process or similar tool to provide a rich source of behavioural feedback and a foundation for establishing clear coaching goals.
  • Involvement of key stakeholders i.e. line manager(s) to ensure that coaching objectives are aligned to business objectives and help to embed learning and change.
  • An opportunity to be matched with a mentor to support the coaching and ongoing development.
  • Clear measures to enable progress to be tracked and the achievement of key milestones and goals to be celebrated.
  • Opportunity to give feedback at each stage of the coaching process to ensure the maximum return on investment.
  • A review and debrief with at the end of the coaching programme to assess the level of attainment and agree follow up actions.
  • Sustainable and positive change across a range of areas i.e. enhanced profile & leadership capability, clear vision and purpose, sense of achievement, general wellbeing and improved communication & influencing skills.

What's on offer 

  • One-to-one executive coaching
  • One-to-one leadership coaching, including First 100 Day coaching
  • One-to-one career / transition / outplacement coaching
  • One-to-one coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs 
  • Coaching for leadership teams 
  • Business Mentoring